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The Other Brothers


Creative Misfitswith a Story!

Meet The Family!


Ricardo Cavaco

Director & Writer

With more than 14 years of experience in writing, directing, producing, and everything else needed in a production, Ricardo is an awarded Filmmaker who, within collaborations and his own creations, worked in various film projects, commercial and corporate videos, in various countries in Europe and Asia. He is one of the founders of The Other Brothers.


Matthias Fritsche

Producer & Director

The other founder of The Other Brothers, is an award winning Filmmaker with almost 10 years of experience. Mainly as a Director and Producer, but occasionally also write and sees himself as a storyteller. He sees and approaches things in a different angle, making him an hell of a Producer that finds Everything needed!


Leandro Lefa

Camera Operator & Sound Recordist

Fascinated about creative work, Lefa is referred to as "the Swiss Army knife of filmmaking" for his multiple skills and knowledge, with education and experience in acting, directing, writing, camera and sound. He's also committed to motorsport and makes seriously good coffee.


Etchu Tabe

Executive Producer

Etchu is a consultant with experience in providing and crafting the necessary avenues to explore resources essential for a broad spectrum of productions. He also co-creates and produces specific studio projects, coordinates and deliver the best marketing activities to complement The Other Brothers productions.


Jeffrey Snell

New Business Development

Jeffrey has 20+ years in audio-visual production and media licensing. Filling roles primarily in the camera department he has worked on a wide variety of television and film projects. He has also written, produced and directed several short films. As business development director Jeffrey has negotiated music rights agreements on a broad array of projects throughout North America and Internationally.


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