First one of many to come!

Yesterday was the day that marked the First Helsinki Filmmakers Networking event, organized by The Other Brothers, in Hard Rock Café Helsinki.
This event was created out of the necessity of finding more filmmakers in Helsinki, with who we can create future collaborations!

Despite the cold, it was a beautiful Sunday so, a lot of Filmmakers and Filmmaking lovers, joined us at the HRC for a very interesting afternoon.

New collaborations formed!

Like us, we hope that you had a great time and had the opportunity to make new awesome contacts to help you on your future projects.

It was great to see already experienced people coming together with not so experienced ones, and actually a few with no experience at all, and talk about what we really love, Filmmaking.

Don't missThe NextOne!

Keep your eyes open for next events.

The next Networking event will be in 2 months but, we are trying to create other events in the meantime related to Filmmaking.
If you have any idea of some event that you would like to have organized, please contact us so we can start shaping it with you!


Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon!


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